Minted:  - / 999

Minting: 0.08 ETH - LIVE!

What is a “Ishihara Plate”, and why an NFT?

A: The Ishihara color test is a color perception test from the early 20th Century, designed to identify red-green color deficiencies in the test subject's vision. Many people find Ishihara plates to be aesthetically pleasing, regardless of the functional use. Thus, the Ishihara Plate NFT runs parallel to the analogue Ishihara color test: a functional utility distilled into an object with its own artistic merit.

How are Ishihara Plates created?

All Ishihara Plates are randomly generated from JavaScript code, based on a series of parameters. Since art is ultimately viewed and appreciated by people, we’ve decided to take a more holistic view of this creation process by combining both code-based decision making, and hand-curation. This will be achieved by generating a larger number of Ishihara Plates before the actually minting time, and hand selecting 999 to create a cohesive, yet varied collection. After minting, you will be able to view the attributes/parameters and their rarity on Opensea.

How many Ishihara Plates will be created, and how many am I allowed to mint?

Only 999 will be minted in total. We have decided to limit the minting to 15 Ishihara Plates per person.

When will minting begin, and what it the cost to mint a Ishihara Plate?

Minting begins on September 12, at 7PM UTC, and each Ishihara Plate will cost 0.08 ETH, plus the cost of gas.

I just minted my Ishihara Plate, where is it?

Once your transaction has completed, you will be able to view your NFT in your wallet on OpenSea within a few minutes.

I have some more questions, how can I get in touch?

Head on over to our Discord server linked at the bottom of this page, and ask away!